Satoshi Nakamoto Known to CIA? FBI? Created by NSA? Search Intensifies

The “request has been rejected,” came response from the CIA, “with the agency stating that it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of...

Canadian Accused of Assisting Ross Ulbricht Extradited to U.S.

A fifty-nine-year-old Canadian man accused of advising Ross Ulbricht, the creator and operator of the first anonymous free market, Silk Road, has been extradited...

This Week in Bitcoin: An End to 51% Attacks and Who...

This week we reported about a suggested solution to 51% attacks, a hacked exchange that was blamed for tanking the market and a cannabis-themed cryptocurrency...

New Jersey arts festival: One shooter dead, 20 injured

About 1,000 people were attending the New Jersey arts event when at least two people opened fire.

Colombia election: Polls open as voters choose between extremes

Voters in Sunday's second round must choose between a business-friendly conservative and a leftist.

Aquarius: Migrant ship arrives in Spain

The Aquarius was previously refused entry by Italy and Malta. Its 629 passengers landed in the Port of Valencia after over a week at...

The techlash

People hate hubris and hypocrisy more than they hate evil, which is, I think, why we’re seeing the beginnings of a bipartisan cultural backlash...

Iceland smite Messi hopes – in pictures

The smallest nation ever to play in a World Cup frustrate Argentina's talisman.

Nigeria attacks: Blasts and rockets ‘kill 31’ in Borno state

The twin blasts and rocket fire in Borno state come as the army chief says the north-east is now safe.

Cambodia Prince Ranariddh injured and wife killed in car crash

Former PM Norodom Ranariddh and Ouk Phalla were travelling to meet supporters in the south-west.