Bitcoin Lightning Network Sees First Android Mobile App Hit Google Play

Dedicated wallet app lets Android users send Bitcoin Lightning Network payments. #NEWS

Japan Streamlines Its Cybercrime Forces, Opening New Building In Tokyo

500 Japanese police agents join forces to tackle cybercrime and cryptotheft, with new building opened in Tokyo. #NEWS

BTC Below $7,000 As Crypto Markets See Modest Downward Trend

The crypto markets are experiencing a slight downward trend today, bringing BTC back below $7,000. #NEWS

Cryptocurrency Verge Responds To Hacking Claims By Launching ‘Accidental Hard Fork’

An unexpected hard fork has caused a headache for Verge’s developers after allegations of a hack. #NEWS

Louise Pietrewicz: Remains found in basement 50 years on

Louise Pietrewicz's skeleton was unearthed in the home of her policeman boyfriend, who died in 1982.

UberX to be parked in Greece after law change

Uber is suspending another international service while it assess whether there’s a business case to continue operations after regulatory changes. In a blog post...

Arctic Monkeys announce new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

The band announce their comeback with a record called Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Salman Khan: The superstar who lives dangerously

Actor Salman Khan, who has been jailed for poaching, is controversy's favourite child.

Jill Halfpenny to be The Girl on the Train

The former EastEnders star is to play Rachel in the best-selling story's stage premiere.

Turkey university gunman kills four in Eskisehir

A researcher shot teaching staff in Eskisehir in the north-west of the country, Turkish media says.