North Korea says sanctions did not push it to seek US...

State media says North Korea's "self-confidence" brought about the recent diplomatic thaw.

‘Zombie firms’ at risk with expected US rate rise

Firms that are scraping by on interest payments could be hurt by a rise in the US interest rate.

Israel admits striking suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

The Israeli military formally admits the strike for the first time as documents are declassified.

Myanmar president Htin Kyaw resigns

Though elected in 2016, his close friend Aung San Suu Kyi has acted as de facto president.

Kyklo is bringing the billion-dollar electromechanical industry into digital sales

The electromechanical industry may not be the kind of sexy tech that you’ll regularly read about in TechCrunch, but we like solutions to problems, and...

Sources: Google is buying Lytro for about $40M

Last week, Google showed off a new app to display immersive photography in virtual reality, and a multi-camera technique for capturing it, and now it...

Twitter violates womens’ human rights, according to Amnesty International

Twitter has found itself under fire again. This time, it’s coming from Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization that focuses on human rights. Amnesty...

What does the future hold for humanoid robots?

Machines that can fully mimic natural body movements are still a long way off, says Will Jackson.

‘Zombie firms’ at risk with expected fed rate hike

Firms that are scraping by on interest payments could be hurt by an expected rate hike.

The story behind Africa’s free trade dream

Africa is hoping to agree a free trade deal encompassing the whole continent - but can it be done?