Germany lifts total ban on Nazi symbols in video games

After decades of German video games censoring Nazi bad guys, the rules have changed.

Time for a digital detox? The rise of ‘anti-tech’ tech

An app that recently launched in the UK is allowing users to earn rewards for not going on their phones.

WWE: Renee Young to be first female commentator on Raw

Renee Young will become the first woman to commentate on a full episode of Monday Night Raw.

Ant McPartlin: Fans wish TV host well as he stays off...

Ant McPartlin thanks viewers "for all the messages of support".

Chicago police under fire after ‘bait truck’ used to lure thieves

Activists say Chicago police filled a truck with designer shoes and used it to lure potential thieves.

Gab user’s anti-Semitic posts removed

The content was posted to social network Gab, which is popular with some far-right users.

Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich held for ‘prostitute assault’

German cyclist Jan Ullrich allegedly assaulted a prostitute in a luxury hotel in Frankfurt.

Denmark burka ban: Designer protests at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Reza Etamadi used models in burkas and niqabs in his fashion show just days after the Denmark law passed.

Kanye West stumped by Donald Trump question

The rapper is lost for words when asked why he thinks the US president cares about black people.

Butlin’s says guest records may have been hacked

Up to 34,000 visitors to Butlin's camps may have had their personal data stolen.