Turkey’s lira crisis explained

The Turkish currency has nosedived since January and, unsurprisingly, tourists are taking advantage.

Canada shooting: Four dead including two police in Fredericton

At least four people including two police have died in a shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Google isn’t sure how to spell “Fortnite Battle Royale”

The launch of Fortnite Battle Royale has left Google in a slight predicament. While Google is in no way hard up for cash,...

Casey Affleck sorry for ‘unprofessional’ behaviour

Oscar winner Casey Affleck addresses behaviour on a film that saw him accused of sexual harassment.

OurPath raises $3M in round led by Connect Ventures to ‘reverse’...

There are many, many tech startups tackling the problem of diabetes. You only have to look at the TechCrunch tag to find some of...

Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures announces a $10M fund for crypto deals

VCs around the world are trying to wrap their head around crypto, and the new investment paradigm it brings. Some have made one-off deals...

Bowel cancer screening to start earlier at age 50 in England

This will lower the starting age by 10 years in some areas and bring England in line with Scotland.

Rise in wolf attacks alarms Dutch sheep farmers

After one wolf killed 26 sheep Dutch farmers worry about installing costly electric fencing.

4 things we learned from Nicki Minaj’s #QueenRadio

Nicki Minaj's brand new radio show was filled with special guests and surprises.

Cows allowed to visit Swedish nudist beaches in heatwave

The Swedish government is allowing farmers in the south to bring their cows to the beaches because of the roasting summer heat.