Goldman Sachs Exploring Crypto Derivatives, Says COO

The COO of Goldman Sachs has announced that the company is exploring trading cryptocurrency derivatives

Bithumb – Details Still Sketchy After $30 Mln Hack

Bithumb – What we know after $30 million hack

World Wealth Report 2018: Young Millionaires Interested in Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Only around half of millionaires are in tune with their wealth managers and the very rich are increasingly interested in cryptocurrency investments

Brazil’s Central Bank Develops Blockchain Data Sharing Platform for Financial Regulators

Brasil’s security and exchange commission, pension authority will be able to share data with the central bank’s new blockchain platform

Johnny Marr returns to save us from ourselves

Former Smiths guitarist is back from the future with a riff-tastic warning in a bid to escape from his own past.

Ed Sheeran: Travel and ticket warning for Cardiff concerts

Ed Sheeran fans advised to plan ahead for Cardiff gigs amid travel fears and heightened ticket scrutiny.

O2 changes post policy after racist hate mail sent out

The phone company acts after mail is addressed to "Mr Isis Terroriste" and "Mr Getout Ofengland".

Drug ‘reduces hearing loss’ after childhood cancer treatment

Given hours after chemotherapy, it showed promising results in children with a rare cancer.

Cases of cancer in elderly to surge by 2035, report says

By 2035 about 234,000 over-75s will get cancer each year - up from 130,000 now, a report estimates.

Drip Capital helps exporters access working capital

Drip Capital is raising a $20 million funding round from Accel, Wing VC and Sequoia India. The company is helping small exporters in emerging...