First and second-class stamp prices rise

Royal Mail says the price rises are necessary to maintain the universal postal service.

Russian ambassadors ‘summoned by EU neighbours’

The move comes amid reports of imminent diplomatic expulsions over the nerve agent attack in the UK.

Malaysia seeks 10 year-jail terms for ‘fake news’

Critics say the bill is an attempt by the authorities to stifle dissent ahead of elections.

France attack: Lakdim’s girlfriend ‘known to security services’

The female suspect, 18, is a Muslim convert who had reportedly shown signs of radicalisation.

HTC had a terrible holiday quarter

Smartphone and VR headset maker HTC has published its consolidated results for Q4 2017 — and it makes for grim reading. The topline figures...

Cardano Price Drops to $0.17 as Markets Remain bearish

The cryptocurrency markets are always unpredictable. This is especially true when people start taking a closer look at the price. For the time being,...

Credit card debt growth at 12-year high

Annual growth in outstanding credit card debt speeds up owing, in part, to tap and go payments.

Uzbeks told to tend their gardens or face triple tax

Government wants its citizens to produce their own food.

Remington: US gunmaker files for bankruptcy

The firm has been in business for more than 200 years but has been hit by slowing sales.

Misleading Cryptocurrency ”Partnership” Announcements Are Getting Ridiculous

Partnership announcements have long been a tool for pumping altcoins and shilling ICOs. In fact, promoters are now interpreting the term so broadly that...