By Ben Gilbert

Nintendo is no longer satisfied by creating surrealist, fantastical, virtual worlds to explore. For the second year in a row, the Japanese game company turned one of its upcoming games into a real place — if only for a few days.

Behold: New Donk City from “Super Mario Odyssey”!

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Nintendo

And that’s just the beginning.

Nintendo created the real-life approximation of New Donk City — a prominent region in the upcoming “Super Mario Odyssey” on Nintendo Switch — for the annual video game trade show, “E3.”

E3 2017 took place on June 13 – 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This was the first year ever E3 was open to the public.

The booth was adorned with neat little touches like this Bullet Bill, seen with Mario’s trademark red cap and bushy mustache. In “Super Mario Odyssey,” Mario can possess enemies using his hat — and he can then control them! It’s a huge change to the Mario formula.

More than ever, these Chain Chomps look like they’re smiling when Mario’s in control.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trade show without celebrity cameos. Here’s Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst posing with Super Mario and his ship (named — what else? — the “Odyssey”).

It’s not clear how it’ll work when Mario’s in control of a Goomba. Do the other Goombas follow? Can you still hurt them in Goomba-Mario form? That’s not clear. But they sure are hilarious looking.

Nintendo offered game demos to anyone at E3 during the show’s hours. This often meant standing in long lines if you’re not press or a business partner.

There were Nintendo reps on-hand to assist with the demo, and answer any questions. Nintendo offered attendees a chance to play two different areas in “Super Mario Odyssey,” limited to 10 minutes apiece.

As much a demonstration of the Nintendo Switch’s versatility as a console as anything else, Nintendo offered a variety of different ways to play the upcoming Mario game.

There were kiosks, and tables, and benches. That’s the whole point of the Switch, right? Play it wherever you want? Nintendo smartly highlighted as much with this not-so-subtle nod.

What’s really hard to convey in these images is the vast space taken up by Nintendo’s booth. This is a HUGE area of space taken up by an all-encompassing view of New Donk City.

And yes, of course, Super Mario himself is there on the show floor. He was being escorted around when I ran into him. The guy’s pretty important, in fairness.

People were even lounging on stoops, and stopping to snap pics with this tank-Mario. It’s really great to see this level of detail and attention, and makes the experience of playing “Super Mario Odyssey” all the more enjoyable.

“Super Mario Odyssey” is scheduled to launch on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the latest trailer right here:

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