By Daniel Brown


The FBI has released 27 new photos of the Pentagon on 9/11 after it was struck by a plane that was hijacked by five terrorists.

Five al-Qaeda terrorists took over American Airlines flight 77, which was traveling from Washington DC to Los Angeles, as it flew over eastern Kentucky. They then turned it back towards Washington, D.C., eventually crashing it into the Pentagon, killing 184 people.

The pictures released by the FBI show debris from the plane, the Pentagon on fire and crews putting out the blaze and cleaning up the damage.

Debris from American Airlines flight 77.

More debris from the flight, which appears to be part of the body of the plane.

The red ā€œCā€ in the American Airlines logo is clearly visible in this picture.

Dark smoke billows up over the flames still burning.

Crews working to put out the blaze.

Crews use heavy machinery to clean up the damage.

A large hole in the wall, which appears to have been caused by blowout.

A side view of the blowout hole.

Crews inspecting the damage.

Workers using more heavy machinery to clean up the damage.

Firefighters gazing down at the wreckage.

The Pentagon, seen at a distance, still smoldering.

Crews still going through the wreckage.

Crews in Haz Mat suits walking near the damage.

Workers shoveling up the ash and small debris.

Workers holding an American flag near the site.

Workers still picking up the debris.

A view inside the Pentagon.

Another view of the inside of the Pentagon.

A view from inside the Pentagon looking out.

A view from the top of where the plane struck the Pentagon.

You can see the other six photos the FBI released here >

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