By Lianna Brinded


A man dressed as Santa Claus runs with his children in Run Santa Run event at Fundidora park in Monterrey, Mexico December 18, 2016.

Moving to another country for a new job and life can be daunting. When you put children into the mix, finding the right home is even more difficult.

46% of expatriates around the world have children of their own but only 21% are currently raising their children abroad, according to expat networking group InterNations.

The group conducted a survey of 3,000 families who live and work abroad and found that some countries are significantly more friendly towards new families than others.

Switzerland, Russia, and Austria ranked as the least friendly countries towards families.

Here are the 9 friendliest:

9. Turkey — Expat families say this country is incredibly welcoming to children but rated it negatively for safety and security due to political instability.

8. Mexico —”Mexicans do not only welcome families with a friendly attitude, but expats in general,” says InterNations.

7. Australia — The country ranks highly for friendliness but does even better when it comes to leisure options available to children. Australia also ranks highly for work-life balance.

6. Greece — The country is high in the rankings for friendliness but expats voted the country poorly across other subindexes, such as education options.

5. Thailand — The Asian country comes in near the top for being incredibly welcoming to expat families. 76% of respondents also said that they feel positively about their children’s health here.

4. Costa Rica — This country is a favourite among expats in general for its low cost of living. 74% say they are “satisfied with the local leisure activities for their kids” and over 91% rate the friendliness towards children as positive.

3. Taiwan — The country excels in everything from quality of life to happiness with personal finance situations. 97% of respondents also said they rate the country’s attitude towards children positively.

2. Israel — The country is popular with families, thanks to its high rating “with regard to education and health,” says InterNations.

1. Uganda — “Every single parent rates the friendliness of the local population towards children positively, and 68% are even completely satisfied with the warm attitude towards families,” said InterNations.

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