By Cork Gaines

Charlie Riedel/AP

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that New York Giants kicker Josh Brown will be dropped from the Giants active roster and will be added to the commissioner’s exempt list.

The move means that Brown will still receive his salary, which is $1.15 million for the 2016 season. However, Mortensen says that there is growing speculation that Brown will never kick for the Giants again and that his NFL career could be over.

“No concrete explanation for as to why the Giants don’t just cut him for his conduct, but more sources say Brown has kicked his last kick with the Giants, and probably in the NFL,” Mortensen said, via ESPN Radio.

A player can appeal being placed on the exempt list, however Mortensen says that Brown is unlikely to take that action.

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list in 2015 after his suspension had been lifted by a judge. Peterson had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor reckless assault and avoided jail time following an incident with his son in which Peterson was accused of using a “switch” on the child.

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