By Devarrick Turner

For nearly 20 years, we’ve not only marveled the talent of Venus and Serena Williams, but also their close relationship. Well, the two might not be on the same page when it comes to police brutality because Venus just uttered those dreaded dismissive words: All Lives Matter.

Earlier this week, Serena received much praise after revealing her concerns about police brutality in a heartfelt Facebook post. While being driven by her black 18-year-old nephew, the tennis star couldn’t help but reflect on all the things that could and have gone wrong as a police car followed behind them. She now promises she “won’t be silent” regarding the matter and the post went viral.


So what was Venus response to his sister’s declaration?

“I haven’t seen the post. I think all lives matter, so… I can’t really comment.”

@ReemAbulleil full question/answer for full context

— Reem Abulleil (@ReemAbulleil) September 28, 2016

I don’t know why we continuously have to explain why this (sometimes) well-meaning statement is so problematic when it comes to the Black Lives Matter Movement. I guess some celebrities would rather face a Twitter dragging than actually try to understand the issue. Venus was not immune to Twitter’s wrath.

Venus had think pieces about equal pay, interviews, made headlines, etc. She didn’t mind. Yet, she goes with “I believe all lives matter”

— Cute In Motion (@SUN_Of_Uhhh) September 28, 2016

Venus said all lives matter? Welp. She canceled too then….

— Boulder Built (@SageSation) September 28, 2016

I knew y’all was gonna have the lame excuses ready. Venus don’t be online but she knew to say “All lives matter” outta nowhere. Hmmm…

— Obe1 (@obe1obryant) September 28, 2016

We should have known Venus was ‘all lives matter’ when she was on their reality show saying Lynn performed in the ghetto and it’s dangerous.

— Horned Serpent Heir (@Joracle_) September 28, 2016

Venus Williams know the deal ride with white man. He’s cutting the check all lives matter #Blacklivesmatter

— Bryce (@BKAdams1984) September 29, 2016

Venus Williams said All Lives Matter & someone said that’s why you look like Julio Jones lmao ??? #Crying

— Mindi (@xoMINDIxo1) September 29, 2016

Venus Williams can get the hell on with her losing ass. This is why we always loved Serena. She’s the chosen one anyway

— OG Cinnamon Apple (@drichfresh2def) September 29, 2016

Serena has always looked up to Venus and calls her older sister one of her greatest inspirations. However, now might be the time for the roles to switch. Some of Serena’s “woke-ness” needs to rub off on the 36-year-old tennis champ.

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