By Adam Roper

With both the Football and Political seasons in full swing right now, it was only a matter of time before a Marvel Team-Up of Twitter took place, and it’s happened in the form of #InTrumpsNFL.

The trending hashtag has people weighing in on what the state of football would look like if Donald Trump was running the show. And let’s just say it ain’t pretty.

#InTrumpsNFL the sale of churros and tacos will be banned at all stadiums. @MidweekMinute

— Tommy Campbell (@MrTommyCampbell) September 14, 2016

#InTrumpsNFL He & Roger Ailes would conduct extreme vetting on all cheerleaders. Repeatedly.

— Scott (@Scottcrates) September 14, 2016

#InTrumpsNFL All scoring plays by brown players will be reviewed. TD will be confirmed upon successful review of birth certificate by refs

— NickfromLI (@NickfromLI) September 14, 2016

Personal foul, touching your daughter #InTrumpsNFL

— Joey Bel (@TheRealJoeyBelz) September 14, 2016

Referees throw a confederate flag on the field #InTrumpsNFL

— WeNeedABiggerBasket (@vicsepulveda) September 14, 2016

#InTrumpsNFL teams whine about losing before the game even starts.

— Spence (@SpenceTheCreep) September 14, 2016

#InTrumpsNFL “We’re gonna build a wall on defense and make the opposing teams pay for it!”

— Christian Fletcher (@Darth_Pingu) September 14, 2016

New helmets and facemasks for all players #InTrumpsNFL

— Zara (@hey_zara) September 14, 2016

#InTrumpsNFL “look