Study ties Facebook engagement to attacks on refugees

A study of circumstances and demographics attendant on attacks against refugees and immigrants in Germany has shown that Facebook use appears to be...

LazyTown’s ‘Robbie Rotten’ actor Stefan Karl Stefansson dies

Stefan Karl Stefansson, 43, played the children's programme villain for ten years.

Paul Manafort found guilty of tax fraud

Ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort guilty of tax fraud charges but jury fails to reach verdict on 10 other counts.

A lawyer at 61: Why it’s never too late to switch...

As Usain Bolt attempts a high-profile career switch, the BBC spoke to others who have changed jobs.


Are you trying to stay off social media, but just can’t seem to stop yourself from posting? When random thoughts pop into your head, do...

Kuri maker Mayfield Robotics will cease operations in October

This likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone who saw the news late last month, but Mayfield Robotics, maker of the adorable home...

Superdrug’s online customers targeted by criminals

The High Street chain warns its online customers to change their passwords.

Say “Aloha”: A closer look at Facebook’s voice ambitions

Facebook has been a bit slow to adopt the voice computing revolution. It has no voice assistant, its smart speaker is still in...

Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen ‘strikes plea deal’

The former Trump lawyer is expected to appear in a Manhattan court on Tuesday afternoon.

Facebook gives users trustworthiness score

The social network says it has developed the scale to help it tackle fake news reports.